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Environmental Management refers to corporate philosophy and policies that aim a better serving the public through human and environment-centered corporate activities.

  1. Respect for Lives
  2. Environmental Management
    • Enriching Human Life
    • Reserve enviroment earth's
  3. Social Commmitment

Environmental Management System

To minimize any harmful effects of shipbuilding business, including manufacturing, products and
services, SHI sets environment safeguarding goals and works to achieve the long-term vision of Green Management through a systematic environment/safety management system.

Greening of Management
Tasking full responsibilities for products, engaged in green management activities steadily improving managerial outcomes
Greening of Workplaces
Creating and maintaining workplaces that are pollution-free, accident-free, and illness-free
Greening of Processes
Saving energy by improving process facilities, evaluating environmental safety on research and development level. Introducing clean systems.
Greening of Communites
Various environment conservation activities such as River cultivating Farming village service activity-building green partnerships with the local communities

Practice direction

SHI regards an environment, an safety and an health as important path of enterprise management and reflect them to the inside and outside of the country all management activity and green management activity positive development, becoming the green enterprise which guides 21 century

environment domestic-foreign certification (ISO 14001 cert acquired) 99,200 environment superior awarded practice of environment management publishing the yearly environment report
transferring the boiler fuel to the pure fuel (LPG, the light oil) complete treatment of water which company and welfare area occurs and reusing architecture water steadily extension of paint shop, blasting cell, moving Shelter
development of special environment goods(equipment of waste treatment using plazma, waste water equipment using electronic accelerator) precaution environment(double bottom, GPS) to minimize environment pollution
decreasing water, air pollution materials of activities and effective prevention management to the root an accident precaution through building waste treatment infra, reusing waste
support of purification seawater(pulling waste net, finger fish elimenation) a cleanup movement and tree planting.

Water control

Processing wastewater to prevent environment accidents

Management of Value
Management of Value
Pollutants Law value Housekeeping Value
COD Waste water 90 9
Sewage water 20 10
SS Waste water 80 10
Sewage water 20 10

To Produce waste and sewage water that is not harmful to the ecological system, shi conducts a water composition analysis once day and experts best efforts to reduce and reuse waste water guaranteeing transparency of released water quality by raising fish

Facility Purposes
Waste water Processing waste water produced during building of ships
Sewage water Processing waste water produced at restaurants, offices and saunas

Air emission control

Minimizing pollutants by reducing emissions and efficiently managing processes

Management goal

Exhaust permission below 20% against law index
Inspecting operations of facilities more than once a day/preparing extra filters and activated carbon
Boosting efficiency of management systems through frequent replacements/Strictly preventing and controlling pollutants by measuring the amount of emissions regularly

Pollutants Facilities Purposes
Particles, HCL,
Sox, Nox, CO
Particle concentratorwater Removing particles
Activated carbon tower Removing particles and stench
Purifier & concentrator Removing HCL

Waste Management

Reducing the amount of industrial wastes, promoting recycling and building infra structure for disposing wastes to prevent waste-related accidents

Management goal

boosting capacity of in-house treatment facilities as well as disposing general and industrial wastes, maintaining recycling rate at more than 80 percent, and steadily reducing the amount of wastes to create a better environment for local communities and the public as a whole

Wastes Treatment facilities Description
Industrial wastes Incinerator Burning out general/industrial wastes, installed with a four-step control system to reduce the amount of emissions to 10% lower than permitted value in domestic environment-law
Food waste Feed instrument Processing food wastes produced at in-house cafeterias by using a high-speed fermentation system. The processed food is supplied to nearby dairy farms free of charge to be used as fodder.