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Ethics Management

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Fair and transparent corporate management

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shi ethics management
Aims to be the Global No.1 company through fair and transparent corporate management under the philosophy of "We devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, there by contributing to better global society".
We set this SHI Ethical Constitution as basis of our practices and value judgment under the belief that global No.1 corporation with world wide respect and trust only when we pursue new technologies and higher quality in a single mind and direction, based on sound corporate ethical standard and clean organizational culture.
shi code of conduct
first We value customer satisfaction at top and pursue co-prosperity through trusts among employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, local societies, country, and humanity.
second We compete freely and fairly in all areas and countries of our business activities where the cultures and customs will be respected and laws and regulations will be conformed.
third We value responsibility, creativity and challenging mind and maintain SHI reputation and dignity through good etiquette and manner based on humanity and ethical thinking.
fourth We do our best in our work with honesty and devotion, and create sound corporate culture based on humanity and respectful labor relationship.