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Floating Power Plant

It is offshore power facility that produces electricity based on the various raw materials such as oil and gas from adjacent seas and the ocean.

The basic model of SHI is Simple Cycle method and Waste Heat Recovery with a gas turbine and Combined Cycle method with a steams turbine.

And there are various eco-friendly hybrid systems connected with desalination, fuel cell, the force of the wave/tidal power and etc.

The floating power plant of SHI can be operated in the world within a short time because it has advantages such as better use of a space than onshore plant, Plug-and-Play, excellent movement and so on.

Semi-Rig Independent Model

SHI used to use the license model of foreign advanced company for Semi-Rig.

However, SHI secured independent basic design capability that reflects SHI’s standard and responds to design changes.

Besides the company obtained Hull Sizing, Drilling system, Structural Engineering, DP assisted mooring design and Semi-Rig basic design technology to meet a variety of client’s requirements.

It has been developing independent Semi-Rig model of VDL 8000 tons to the North Sea by tapping into such technologies.

And it plans to extend operating areas and product family of VDL independent model.