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SHI developed SAVER Air (air lubrication system) which reduces frictional force with seawater by spraying air at the bottom of ship to improve fuel efficiency.

The prototype of SAVER Air is applied to 170K LNG Carrier after completing verification of the function successfully with Block Carrier that sails between Ningcheng(China)-Geoje(Korea).

SAVER Stator

SHI developed SAVER Stator which improves rotational energy efficiency of propeller by generating reverse direction circular stream of propeller rotation.

After being accredited from the Class, the test product is applied to 20K Container Ship and the measuring is under way to extend the usage of SAVER Stator.


SHI developed SAVER CAP located in the bow of large-sized Container Ship that improves fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance.

SAVER CAP helps to improve fuel efficiency by 2% when ship navigates.

In addition, it safely protects outfitting items and container boxes from Green water affecting the bow of ship.

KC-S Cargo Hold

SHI was relying on foreign technology for its LNG cargo hold, the key technology of LNG carrier, paying a huge amount of royalty, from 9 to 10 billion KRW per vessel.

SHI has developed its own cargo hold, KC-S, for the first time in the industry, and is pushing for its application to vessels.

KC-S, in the form of two welded thin stainless plates, improves the transportation efficiency by enhancing the safety for LNG leakage and maximizing insulation function.

It is expected that the application of KC-S to LNG carrier will greatly contribute to less royalty payment and greater competitiveness in winning orders.


The convergence of ship operation technology and ICT has resulted in the development of INTELLIMAN (INTELLIgent & LIfecycle-MANaged) Ship that provides intelligence solution and lifecycle service for more economic and safe operation as well as fleet operation.

BIG(Onboard Integrated Gateway) of INTELLIMAN Ship, in particular, collects all types of onboard communications and automation equipment data on a real-time basis during sailing and send it to the ground, therefore making it possible to monitor the status of ship on the ground.

Also, SHI is trying to secure base technology in order to develop unmanned vessel in the future by making judgment based on the data collected via BIG and providing upport to a decision-making process on sailing and vessel operation.

S-Reli(Self Re-liquefaction) System

LNG carrier uses the system where some of BOG, the naturally-occurring gas during transportation, is used as the fuel for gas engine and the rest is saved back again in LNG cargo hold after liquefaction.

SHI has developed a re-liquefaction system that does not use any separate refrigerant and has simple system configuration.

SHI is in the process of applying its independently-developed Korean Cargo Hold (KC-1) to LNG carrier for the first time.

S-Fugas(Samsung Fuel Gas) System

SHI has independently developed the fuel supply system for ME-GI engine, the high-pressure gas engine and supplied it to Doosan Engine’s test facility.

Now it is being applied to LNG carrier that uses natural gas as fuel.

S-Regas System

FSRU is the facility that supplies LNG to onshore through pipeline after LNG is saved and goes through regasification system offshore.

Regasification system is the equipment that turns LNG into gas for consumers.

Design, analysis and control technology of cryogenic/high-pressure processes are the essential parts of the system.

SHI has developed S-Regas regasification system and verified its performance successfully.

Now S-Regas System is being applied to actual vessels and in operation.

Offshore Engineering

Function and safety should be valued above everything else.

For this, SHI conducts main engineering such as Process, Safety, vibration and noise by itself and leads to technologies in order to spearhead the world-class function and safety on existing products.

In addition, it realizes the new concept of product. E

ngineering Innovation on various type of ships including FLNG, FPSO, FSRU, FSO that SHI ordered has been going on.

Topside Package

Certain companies supply the facility of Topside that produces and processes crude oil and natural gas from offshore oil and gas well where Offshore Plant (FPSO, FLNG) is constructed.

SHI makes efforts to secure topside package engineering technologies such as Separator, MEG regeneration unit, AGRU and so on through National projects and research tasks.

It also prepares to verify package by conducting test and pilot plant installation.

SHI expects to improve its order competiveness and project performance capacity.