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As a global economic slump and low oil price are likely to continue for the years to come, Samsung Heavy Industries
develops technologies by focusing on the product differentiation and cost- competitiveness to reinforce business capability.

To be an leading company in the fields of shipbuilding and Offshore, SHI is driving the development of new product and
technology amid unfavorable financial environment by securing mid-long term pre-technologies and commercializing them.

One-time Setting Production Technology

Block erection methodology has developed from Mega block, Giga block to Terra block.

The bigger size of erection block and more complicated shape make the assembly become much more difficult.

In this regard, SHI secured One-Time Setting production technology, which is capable of securing stable dimensional quality, in order to solve poor dimensional quality and low productivity.

SHI established an large-sized structure measuring system by utilizing optical system and automated deformation control of large block.

It developed a management system that analyzes and integrates dimensional quality.

The company realized the world-class assembly productivity by applying the two systems to large-sized block for offshore plant.

Dual Lifting Methodology

SHI developed Dual Lifting Methodology which connects 8,000 tons and 3,600 tons floating cranes and then operates the two cranes like one floating crane. With Dual Lifting, the company is able to lift, move and erect Terra block with 11,600 tons and secure capability to fabricate and lift the largest block in the world.

Block fabrication time and erection cost are saved by applying it to large-sized offshore structure and stability and efficiency are maximized by applying connection system.

Pipe Welding · Inspection Automation

SHI improved its productivity through the development of welding method that welds large and thick pipe efficiently.

The welding speed of Hot-Wire TIG orbital welding method and FCAW orbital welding method are 3 times and 6 times respectively faster than existing method.

In addition, the company developed equipment that cleans and inspects piping by moving inside of the piping after welding.

It significantly reduced radiographic inspection time and radiation exposure time by conducting radiographic inspection inside of piping at outside workshop.

Smart Yard

SHI is establishing digitalized and future-oriented Yard where all manufacturing information in the Yard is serviced and managed by connecting with ICT as well as optimized by interlinking each other organically.

In collaboration with Open Cascade, SHI brings breakthrough 3D technologies to the Smart Yard. Live 3D visualization allows manufacturing data to be easily manipulated by various users and accessed at the right moment for assembly, quality control, training, maintenance and repair purposes making them context-aware and intuitive.

SHI is creating a completely drawingless shopfloor that assures digital continuity of all integrated solutions and empowers the cyber-physical manufacturing system to work at the speed of Industry 4.0.

Through this, SHI expects to build production workshop based on Data, set up process without rework and minimize the amount of stock.