Ship Construction Process

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  1. 1.Design - Drawing a disign map using a computer system
  2. 2.Steel Pile-up -Piling up steel for each product category
  3. 3.Steel Cutting - Cutting steel, through a computer system
  4. 4.Assembly - The assembly plant makes blocks by combining supplement materials
  5. 5.Pre-Outfitting - Outfitting a block state before launching into a dock
  6. 6.Painting - Paingting with environmentally-friendly paint to prevent ships from rusting
  7. 7.Erection - Welding the blocks within the dock
  8. 8.Launching - Filling the dock with water to launch the completed ship to sea
  9. 9.Outfitting - Installing all implements including pipes, connecting electrical wires, and competing the cabin interior
  10. 10.Sea Trial - Final testing of ship at sea
  11. 11.Naming Ceremony - Naming the ship prior to delivery with the participation of the ship owner