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SHI delivers first export ship

- Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea Delivers first export ship this year

On January 3, Samsung Heavy Industries(SHI) delivers a drillship ordered from Cardiff Marine in Greece. She is named as Ocean Rig Corcovado. The Ship particulars are 228m in length and 42m in breadth. She weighs 96,000 tons and can drill up to 12km from sea water surface. She is the first of four ordered from the same ship owner. Ship price was $670 million.

SHI will deliver 85 ships this year, the largest volume in its history. Among the total, 12 drillships will be delivered.

Last, SHI secures new order of 75 ships of $9.7 billion and owns $39 billion orderbook or 31 months workload.

CEO Roh In-Sik of Samsung Heavy Industries, said at the statement that the Geoje-based shipbuilder will deliver 85 ships with perfect quality and will focus on high valued added ships new order market where Samsung Heavy Indusries secures competitiveness even though new order volume this year may be reduced to some extent.
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