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Since its foundation in 1974, Samsung Heavy Industries has received orders for a total of 1,285 ships (as of December 2020) from the world’s leading shipping companies. The company has already delivered 1,179 of these vessels and continues to be recognized for its outstanding technology and superior quality.

Samsung Heavy Industries, the first Korean manufacturer to build a shuttle tanker in 1995, has won 64 out of 147 orders for shuttle tankers placed globally, proving outstanding quality competence with a 44% market share.

As a world leader in the high-technology/high value-added ship market, Samsung Heavy Industries has set numerous new records. It built gigantic 266,000-cbm LNG carriers in 2008 and secured orders for the world’s first ever very large ethane carriers (VLECs) in 2014, and 23,000-teu container ships in 2017.

Through the development of a proprietary membrane type LNG Carrier cargo hold design in September 2011, the first of its kind in the domestic industry, SHI further enhanced its competitive edge in the LNGC market.

Offshore Product

Creation of new value based on technological ability and experience

Samsung Heavy Industries has the industry’s most extensive shipbuilding portfolio in the field of drill ships and FPSOs. Based on its accumulated shipbuilding technology, Samsung Heavy Industries is making marked progress in the offshore development facilities market, including fixed platforms, TLPs, and Semi-Submersibles, which require the use of highly advanced safety and technical expertise.

With its topside engineering and building capabilities, which form the basis of offshore development facilities, Samsung Heavy Industries has proven its superior turnkey building competencies. Signature projects completed by Samsung Heavy Industries include the world’s largest offshore platform, commissioned by the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company of Russia, and the world’s largest semi-submersible crude oil drilling equipment, commissioned by Seadrill of Norway. In 2010, with the construction of a crude oil drilling facility commissioned by Gazflot of Russia, Samsung Heavy Industries once again acted as a pioneer in the industry by introducing a new method of joining the superstructure and substructure of platforms at sea.

Samsung Heavy Industries has also taken the lead in new markets with the development of new ship concepts such as an FLNG, which allows for the production of LNG at sea. Prelude FLNG, the world’s first LNG-FPSO commissioned by Royal Dutch Shell in 2011, capable of producing 3.6 million tons per annum (MTPA) of LNG, was successfully delivered to the major in 2017 and PFLNG Dua, ordered by Petronas shortly after that, sailed away to Malaysia in 2020. More recently, SHI signed with ENI to build another FLNG in 2017, becoming second to none in the FLNG market.

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