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Machinery & Electric System

Samsung Heavy Industries is setting a new technological standard for unmanned ship operations and automated base operations.

The Power & Control Systems Business of Samsung Heavy Industries is introducing an advanced automated system to ships, industry based on its rich experience and technology in the shipbuilding, offshore and construction sectors.

Its major products include Ballast Water Management System PURIMAR and Fuel Gas Supply & Storage System FuGaS, automated ship operation systems such as SSAS-Master, the integrated navigation controlling system, and XailorStar, the integrated ship network system. Its products also include the power distribution system for ships, ventilation management system and power control system.

In 2009, the Business completed the development of its navigation interface software, and made remarkable achievements in terms of certification by acquiring KG Mark and MED with XailorStar, KG Mark and IMO certification with PURIMAR and ISO 17894 with SSAS-Master.