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The Geoje Shipyard Boasts the World's Greatest Dock Turnover Rate

The dock turnover rate is the number of ships that a dock can launch ships. The greater the turnover rate indicates the more sophisticated shipbuilding capacity and production efficiency.

In addition, dock turnover rate is the most reliable yardstick for measuring shipyard’s technical capacity and production efficiency. The largest dock at SHI’s Geoje Shipyard, Dock No.3,is 640m long, 97.5m wide, and 13m deep.

Mostly ultra-large container ships, LNG carriers and LNG-FPSO are built at this dock, which boasts the world’s greatest production efficiency by having the yearly dock turnover rate of 10 and the launch of 30 ships per year.

The turnover rate of 10 is a very valuable result that has been achieved through the SHI’s scientific and fundamental approach to building, such as making large-sized ship blocks, shortening the main engine loading period and efficiently utilizing facility space by using ultra large-sized cranes.

Geoje Shipyard is highly praised for overcoming the limits of shipbuilding capacity due to limitations in facilities based on its technological process.

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The First Shipyard Certified by the World's Three Most Recognized International Standards as well as ISO50001

Geoje Shipyard is the first shipyard certified by the world’s three highly recognized international standards; ISO 9001(Management Quality), ISO14001(Environment Management) and OHSAS 18001(Safe and Healthy Working Environment Management).

Geoje Shipyard, without a single exception, strictly follows the legal and regulatory framework of international standard such as OHSAS 18001, the first international standard for comprehensive management activities, and ISO 14001,an international environmental management system standard.

Recently it acquired the world's first ISO50001 certification, an energy management system standard, setting a great record with all the international standards for the first time throughout shipbuilding industry.

The World's Highest Production Automation Rate Utilizing Robots

Goeje Shipyard has developed remarkably intelligent robot systems such as a spider automatic welding robot for LNG cargo tank, a wall-climbing, vacuum-blasting robot, and a inspection and cleaning pipe robot. Using these robot systems, it records 68% of production Automation rate and secures perfect quality as well as employees' security.

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General Information

General Information
Site 4million ㎡
Quay Wall Length : 7.9 ㎞
Berthing Capacity : 24 vessels

Major Production Facilities

Major Production Facilities
Category Type Capacity Note
Dry Dock Dock No.1 283m*46m LNG carrier, Drillship
Dock No.2 390m*65m LNG carrier, Drillship, FPSO
Dock No.3 640m*98m Container Ship, LNG carrier, LNG-FPSO
Floating Dock G1 Dock 270m*52m Tanker, Drillship, Container Ship
G2 Dock 400m*55m LNG-FPSO, Tanker, Container Ship
G3 Dock 400m*70m Container Ship, VLCC
G4 Dock 420m*70m Container Ship, VLCC
G5 Dock 157m*131m Offshore Rig