ISA Introduction

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ISA(International Service & Agency)
ISA will do its very best without showing any inconvenience to customers.
ISA will provide you with all necessary service including shipping services as well as VISA, Site office arrangement,
Accommodation, Performing All Events, Manpower Supply, Rental Service etc.
Whenever you need any assistance during staying in Korea, ISA can provide the service immediately upon request.
One Stop Total Service
  • Providing Information (VISA, Accommodation, Office)
  • Entry VISA Documentation
  • Preparation of Office, IT Facility
  • Manpower supply (secretary / inspector)
  • Post-Entry Procedure for Registration
  • Rental Service (Apartment, Car, Mobile phone, etc)
  • Pick-up Service
  • OFE Handling
  • Crew / Commission Engineer handling
  • Shipping Agency Services

One Stop Total Service

Service Scope
Service Scope
Site Office Office Lay-Out, Courier Service
Accommodation One Bedroom APT, Two Bedroom APT, Three Bedroom APT
Events S/C.K/L Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, Others
Others VISA & Immigration, Air Ticketing, Hotel Reservation,
Helicopter Resevation Leisure & Tour Information, Shipping agent