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title SHI Becomes 1st Korean Company to Export a Wind Power Generator
date 2009.11.19

- Samsung Heavy Industries Successfully Completes Product Development, Order Receipt and Delivery of Equipment Just One Year after Business Launch
- Company Launches the Industry’s First Overseas Sales Branch, and Begins Development of Ship for the Transport of Wind Power Generators

Samsung Heavy Industries announced that it has successfully delivered the 1st 2.5MW-class wind power generator built at Geoje Shipyard to Cielo, a US-based firm, on the 19th, which is the first wind power generator exported from Korea.

The equipment features a windmill blade with a diameter of 90m, a tower with a height of 80m, and a weight of 300 tons, which has the world’s largest capacity for inland use. The equipment will arrive in Lubbock, Texas (US) in January of 2010, and enter into full operation starting in April of 2010, after installation and test operation.

SHI has focused on building assembly docks and diverse performance tests including power generation test to achieve a design capacity of 2.5MW, with the aim of exporting Korea’s first wind power generator, after receiving orders for three wind power generators from Cielo in May 2009.

The 2.5MW-class power generator is a large-scale power generator that produces power equivalent to the power consumption volume of over 940 households. 

An SHI spokesperson commented that the successful delivery of the power generator is extremely meaningful, as it confirms the feasibility of the wind power business through successful product development and entry into the US market, which is the largest wind power market, in just a year from the business launch, despite the increasing competition in the wind power generation business with the current renewable energy boom.

In May of 2009, SHI established a wind power generator sales branch in Houston, Texas (US), a first for the domestic wind power industry. It plans to establish a Portland Branch and a German Branch in 2010 and 2011, respectively, and launch logistics and A/S centers in 2011 for full-fledged entry into the world’s largest wind power markets, the US and the EU.
SHI has already worked to develop the industry’s first ship for the transport of wind power generators, based on the world-leading shipbuilding technology of its shipbuilding business unit, and has reviewed business plans on ships with wind power engines and floating wind power generation complexes.

SHI’s wind power generator has a power generation efficiency that is more than 10% higher than competing US products, and its lifespan of 25 years is five years longer than competing US products. As a result, it has been attracting the attention of power generators in the US and Canada, where the Company aims to improve its market share.

The newly delivered wind power generator will be installed at Lubbock, Texas (US), and will supply power to the University of Texas for at least 20 years.
 Cielo, a Texas-based wind power complex developer and operator, plans to install 20 more wind power generators at the site where the 1st generator will be installed. Samsung Heavy Industries expects that Cielo will place additional orders for wind power generators.

Following the announcement by the US that it will increase the portion of wind power generation from its current level of 1% to over 20% by 2030 to secure an eco-friendly energy source and facilitate economic growth, the related market has shown dramatic growth, prompted by the introduction of the free financing program and the tax exemption program.

Over the next ten years, the US will invest USD 150 billion in the renewable energy sector, and the UK will invest USD 17 billion in similar sectors. The global wind power market is expected to reach USD 90 billion in 2015, exceeding the size of the global shipbuilding market.

Vice Chairman Kim Jing-Wan of Samsung Heavy Industries said, “We will join the Project for the Construction of the Yeongheung Domestic Wind Power Commercialization Complex organized by KOSEP in 2009. We will strive to be a leader in the wind power market, where the top six US and EU companies occupy more than 90% of the market, by utilizing the related technology we have developed over our 35-year history in the shipbuilding and construction sectors.”

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