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Product Information

Home Products/Technology Machinery & Electric System Product Information


PURIMAR is a ballast water management system of Samsung Heavy Industries. At ballasting, PURIMAR's ballast water treatment process comprises two main step operation : mechanical separation (filtering) and disinfection. At deballasting, a neutralization unit decreases total residual oxidants (TRO) concentration before discharge if required.

PURIMAR's UI is designed quite user-friendly by GITOS(Graphic Intelligent Tools of Systems) which is a process control system of SSAS-Pro and provides the most optimized automation system.

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Fuel gas supply & storage system

FuGaS is a fuel gas supply & storage system which is a core equipment for LNG fuelled ship.

FuGaS is the most eco-friendly system to meet glbal environmental demands. IMO strengthened the limits of harmful emission from ship after July 2011. FuGaS is the best solution related to green technology, which can reduce a harmful emission remarkably and satisfy international regulations about maritime air polution.

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Power System
Power System

The Power System group of Digital Vessel Systems markets two product lines : medium and low voltage switchboards. The Switchboard prevent accidents in the process of power transmission and distribution.

Unlike the industrial system, a vessel contain power generation and loads within the same place together, so electrical accidents can lead to large accidents.

Our Marine Switchboards have been developed from the accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of shipbuilding industry, such as commissioning and trials for more than 850 vessels.

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Automation System
Automation System

SamSung Automation System

The SSAS(Samsung Ship Automation System)-Pro and SSAS-Master are ship automation systems produced by Power&Control Systems Business Division of Samsung Heavy Industries.

The outstanding performance of the SSAS products makes it a system widely applicable to all marine projects from AMS (Alarm Monitoring System), ICMS (Integrated Control & Monitoring System) and PMS (Power Management System) to IAS(Integrated Automation System).

The SSAS-Pro and SSAS-Master use the most powerful and advanced software, renowned for their performance and reliability. The six basic customer needs: reliability, functionality, open architecture, easy expansion, convenient operation and low cost are all offered to the fullest extent possible.

Furthermore, they maximize engineering performance by reducing maintenance on vessels thus vastly improving the competitiveness of our customer's business. Our systems are fitted to various vessels such as oil and gas tanker, bulk carrier, passenger, container and Ro-Ro vessels, reefers and other special purpose vessels, e.g., LNGC, drillship, offshore platform, FPSO/FSO and Cruises.

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Electric Power Control System
Electric Power Control System

The special high voltage/high voltage switchboard installed at the down stage of a 345kV/154kV power reception facility is for 3.6kV/7.2kV/24kV, and consists of a circuit-breaker, a transformer, a protective relay, a meter and a switch. It is designed and manufactured with consideration to safety, the reliability of the built-in devices, the minimization of installation space, and appearance.

The low voltage switchboard of 660V or lower supplies a stable power source to the load, and consists of ACB, MCCB, a transformer, a meter and a switch. Made from standardized parts, it is designed and manufactured as a switchboard that satisfies user equirements.

The motor control unit of 660V or lower is a unit type product with built-in MCCB, M/C and EOCR. It can quickly cope with capacity change or design change, and applies the latest devices to offer high safety and reliability.

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Regasification System
Regasification System

The Regasification System is a cryogenic and high pressure process package which is provided for the LNG Terminal and LNG FSRU(Floating Storage Regasification Unit). The total system package of process equipment and control system will be the most effective and safety solution for this LNG processing unit.

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